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Sundeep Ahuja is a writer living in San Francisco, CA. Sundeep Ahuja has been writing for over 15 years and his work has been featured in numerous national publiciations. His debut novel, HALINE, was published in 2014.


Sundeep Ahuja is also a technology entrepreneur, advisor and investor. He has cofounded several companies such as Blissmo, Sparked, and Richrelevance. He has advised and invested in over 20 companies including Goodreads, Indiegogo,, Counsyl & Involver. He was the original Marketing Director at and has previously worked at Myspace and eBay as a Product Manager. Sundeep Ahuja is also a former actor and has been featured on TV shows such as Entourage, 24, and How I Met Your Mother.


Sundeep Ahuja is an avid traveller and has visited over 45 countries. Sundeep Ahuja holds a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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