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Sundeep Ahuja

Forward Press Books (2014)

261 pages


Customer ratings: 4.8 stars on Amazon (read reviews)



Four days until the Election.


Natasha Biron knows this is her last chance. Losing this Election means losing the war – and her life. Officer Aaren Jemmer diligently works to lockdown Haline and ensure Natasha's failure, another special assignment he'll use to keep his secret safe. Archives employee Joaquin Deva is wrapping-up at the office before a holiday with his girlfriend – until an unexpected discovery drives him to abandon everything in his near-perfect life to find the one person who can help him: Natasha Biron.


Over the next four days their paths collide, shattering their realities as they each discover the lies they’ve been living and the unthinkable truth they share.


HALINE is a stark look at a post-climate change future, a world licking its wounds after decades of war and famine in which resources are scarce and government tyrannical. It is the answer to the troubling and timely question: What if we do nothing? 


Sundeep Ahuja is a writer living in San Francisco, California. Sundeep Ahuja has been writing for over 15 years and his work has been featured in numerous national publications. Aside from writing, Sundeep is also a technology entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. Sundeep Ahuja holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University. Haline is his debut novel. Learn more



"Haline is a mesmerizing story of a fallen world in which the characters struggle to cope with life after an environmental cataclysm. Not only is Sundeep's story told with a brisk pace and enveloping detail, it's also a call to act - to shape the future, before it shapes us." - Kabir Sehgal, New York Times best-selling author


"Incredibly engaging and a total page turner. I found myself still reading at 1am, and didn't stop. I haven't been that engaged by a book since Harry Potter or Twilight!" – Lauren Weinstein


"I finished Haline in less than 24 hours - it was one of the most original and enjoyable books I've read this year. And when I say that, keep in mind that I'm only an occasional sci-fi fan, so I was initially skeptical about whether I'd enjoy it. If you like the sci-fi genre even a little bit, get this book." –Tyler Willis, Entrepreneur


"For fans of "The Wind-Up Girl" and "The Handmaid's Tale" a cautionary story of a not too distant dystopian future, it serves as a hard slap across the face to wake from our collective apathy." – @thesubjective


"Haline is a fantastic cautionary tale which embodies a simple but powerful idea: the sum of our individual choices can greatly affect our collective reality. I dare you to read it and not feel the urge to make a change." – Satyender Mahajan

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